WD17-2E Windrower

For 2015 is our flagship WD17-2E trailed windrower with the patented 4 row Evolution Separator.

Our new and innovative machine sets the new benchmark in windrowing technology!

Features of the WD17-2E include:

Standard specification

  • Lanes adjustment from the cab
  • Individual auto depth sensing on each row, pressure adjustable from the cab
  • Choice of full diablos or low pressure tyres
  • Floating head
  • Haulm feed in wheels
  • Adjustable disc assemblies
  • 2 piece shares with option of separately adjustable centre share
  • Rocker agitator in main web, variable speed control from the cab
  • 3 roller rotary agitator in main web adjustable from the cab
  • Low drop onto 2nd web unit
  • Adjustable agitator in 2nd main web
  • Single row of Evolution spiral roller with an adjustable rubber haulm extracting roller fitted after 2nd main web
  • Interchangeable transfer web module or upgrade to a 4 row machine mounted hydraulically driven Evolution separator module with 3 x transfer rollers (see separate specification).
  • Steering axle with self centre facility
  • Left and right hand levelling allowing height increase of 200mm
  • Fully adjustable cross conveyor with polyurethane coated bars and soft “active fingers” for gentle crop handling. The cross conveyor also benefits from in-cab speed, discharge direction, traverse and ability to lift and lower each end section to allow minimum drop height into the adjacent bed.
  • 12.5 x 80 x 18” trac-grip wheels
  • Road lights
  • Choice of web pitches from 28mm to 50mm on 1st and 2nd webs

Optional upgrades

  • Single row of Evolution spiral roller with an adjustable rubber haulm extracting roller fitted after first main web
  • Hydrostatic wheel drive system
  • Extended cross conveyor- this gives you the opportunity to open 8 rows with 1 machine out in front of the harvester. This gives the harvester and trailers plenty of room to manoeuvre without the worry of damaging any rows unnecessarily
  • 2 row, mechanically driven Evolution Separator
  • 4 row, Evolution separator module with machine mounted hydraulic power supply. Standard specification as follows:
    • 1.7metre wide / 10 segment unit consisting of 4 shafts with fluted deformable rollers (3 x 20mm ribs, 6 x 10mm ribs or 4 x 6mm ribs) extracting against 4 clod rollers with the choice of finishes
    • Hydraulic ram adjustment for clod roller height control from the cab
    • Manual adjustment for gap control (all 4 adjust as one)
    • Spiral roller speed adjustable from the cab
    • Clod roller speed and direction of each pair adjustable from the cab
    • Full Kevlar belt drive system
    • Inner stainless steel panels
    • 0 – 10 degrees declining angle adjustment from the cab
    • Pivoting transfer roller unit with controlled drop height onto cross conveyor web
    • PTO driven pump, tank and hydraulic system

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