Complete verge harvesting systems

The Vergenair verge harvesting system can be adapted to fit most modern 4WD agricultural tractors with a front linkage and PTO.  We offer a range of front mounted boom mowers.

Tipping trailers are available in a range of sizes up to 30m cubed.  Also available is a tractor mounted small hopper system for laser volumes of product.

The Vergenair 5.5 is an agricultural tractor based, verge harvesting system. The modular design allows for simple fitment around most modern 4 wheel drive tractors and can be operated with both self tipping and ejector type modified agricultural trailers.

The optimal front mounted boom mower system is available with a reach of up to 5.5m from the center of the tractor with a cutting width of up to 1.1m. Cuttings are extracted from the rear of the mower head via a bespoke designed contra rotating feed augers on through a 300mm diameter stainless steel and reinforced flexible PU hose. The powerful centrifugal fan, driven by a self contained hydraulic power pack mounted at the rear of the tractor, both draws the cuttings up and then blows them directly into the rear of the trailer.

Verge harvester video HD 3 from Virginia Anthony on Vimeo.

The powerful centrifugal fan evenly fifills the attached trailer maximum load capacity.
Capable of carrying 24m3 (7000 to 10,000kg) of product and with a mowing head reach of over 4m beyond the road side edge with the ability to mow drainage ditches and raised banks.
Using a demountable, 2 trailer system, rather than a restrictive fixed hopper, allows the operator to utilize a second trailer for delivery to the AD plant whilst continuing to harvest.
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