The Trinity 30B, which can work on three 36″ rows of four 30″ rows (front or rear mounted) has a single 3 metre rotor and carries all the usual features found on our larger models with a 5 belt drive system running through waltershied PTO equipment and oversized Comer gearboxes.

The Trinity 36B which can work on four 36″ rows features dual drive and a split rotor with centre bearing and has been designed as an affordable high output machine for growers looking to mount either front or rear mounted, is supplied with an end tow kit and LED lighting.

Options on all our topper range include hydraulic operate depth control wheels and fully adjustable and retractable Ridgepress wheels we help close cracks along the top of the row to prevent greening.

All haulm toppers feature front and rear LED side lights and quick change flails for reduced downtime. The toppers offer a broad range of cutting heights and come with static shear plates that provide a “mulching” effect. We have  included a replaceable steel inner liner that offers excellent hood protection and the largest variation of flail lengths of any topper currently available. A brand new feature now available is that of hydraulic steering, available across the range and essential for hill side work.

Trinity 30B Fixed Multi Row Haulm Topper

Trinity 36B Fixed Multi Row Haulm Topper

Trinity 54B Fixed Multi Row Haulm Topper

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