Fully mounted windrowers now available up to a 3000mm working width in standard length or with 1000mm extended main web.

The Microlift Pro is capable of lifting any number of root crops from potatoes to onions, bulbs, parsnips etc. The crop can be lifted directly from the ground or after it has been windrowed and placed straight into a trailer with the cart elevator option.  Further more we offer a choice of cross conveyors or rear deflector. 

The Microlift Pro is built to withstand the harshest of conditions and is ideally suited to  areas that have small fields or restricted access and where a conventional trailed harvester would be difficult to operate. Being fully mounted, a zero turning circle is achieved which results in unsurpassed maneuverability both in field and on road.

1” pitch chain drive for web drive

Fixed packer roller or rear depth wheels

Hydraulically driven rotary agitator with optional flywheel counterweights

Standard Specification

  • Mechanically driven rotating digger bar with fixed rotating feed baffle and depth wheels or choice of all share blade configurations and anti-roll flaps.
  • For root crops, depth control is achieved by the lift control and lower link arms of the tractor 
  • Individually adjustable rear wheels 18 x 8.50 x 8 track grip pattern 
  • Fixed packer roller 400mm diameter with scraper
  • Adjustable large (635mm diameter) spring-loaded disc coulters x 2 
  • Main web mechanically driven 
  • Agitator, choice of either 3 or 4 roller rotary agitator for 2nd main web, hydraulically driven 
  • Detachable break back rear baffle 
  • Main webs pitches– choice of sprocket driven 28mm to 50mm webs

Standard length chassis

Standard length chassis

635mm diameter spring loaded discs

Choose of any share configuration

Fully adjustable heavy duty share arms

Quick release share assembly

One chassis.

Every option.

 Years of development has resulted in a incredibly strong chassis capable of being upgraded with a host of attachments.  The clever design allows you to simply bolt on a number of vegetable and bulb specific options to suit your individual needs.  With this same basic design, you can interchange from onion lifting to potato windrowing to a full swan neck elevator harvester.

Hydraulically driven cross conveyor 790m wide, soft polyurethane covered with active fingers and adjustable twin end sections, discharges in both directions, traverse function and folds up over the top of the windrower to allow crop to be delivered directly to the ground via a chute
Hydraulically driven cross conveyor 555mm wide, discharges in one direction, traverse function and slides back to allow crop to be delivered directly to the ground via a chute

Hydraulic operated steering axle gives approximately 5 degree of steering

The standard break back rear baffle

Manually or hydraulically adjustable depth wheels mounted on the ends of the main headstock beam

The standard adjustable rear wheels

Fully adjustable diffuser web, 7 bars with loose PVC covers

1 metre extension section allows either an extended main web with an extra 3 roller agitator or a 3 web configuration.
“Floating” hydraulically driven feed in baffle
Hydraulically driven main web
Disc coulter manual depth control
Cart elevator module, hydraulic driven, 2 stage 555mm cross conveyor web feeding a 710mm wide flighted swan neck style folding elevator
Full in cab electro hydraulic controls
Spring loaded and adjustable “floating” packer roller
Bespoke width chassis up to 3000mm wide
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