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Scotts Precision Manufacturing Ltd.

Established in 1994 specialising in potato field machinery the company quickly grew into one of the most successful specialist Potato machinery dealers in the UK.

As the industry dramatically changed over the last few years we have drawn on our extensive knowledge of potato handling, dating back some 30 years, and have now emerged as a fully fledged design and manufacturing business. Our core business is based around producing highly innovative machinery to service the potato and root crop market.

Currently we now supply our range of products into more than 15 countries around the world through our dealer network.  All our machinery is designed by ourselves in 3D, in our CAD office and manufactured in our new workshops.  We offer an increasing range of products and services; please click here for more information

Derek Scott- Managing Director

Highly innovative machinery to service the root crop, vegetable and allium/bulb market

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Scotts Precision Manufacturing Ltd.